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Dennis Rodriguez, Ph.D. | Chair
Weikamp Hall 2119 | (574) 520-4393 |


Professors | Bryant, Fujita, McIntosh, Mettetal
Associate Professors | Borshuk, Hubbard, Ladd, Ritchie, Rodriguez (Chair), Schult
Assistant Professors | M. Costello, Juricevic
Senior Lecturer | Talcott
Faculty Emeriti | R. Gottwald, Long, Mawhinney, Perrin, Scarborough

About Psychology

Psychology offers a major in psychology leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as coursework leading to a minor in psychology. As a scientific endeavor, psychology seeks to understand the basic principles by which organisms adapt their behavior to the changing physical and social environments in which they live. Psychologists apply their understanding of behavior, thought, and emotion to the improvement of the human condition through education, counseling, and therapy. The breadth of modern psychology is reflected in the diversity of courses offered by the department.

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Minor Offered

Minor in Psychology

Certificate Offered

Certificate in Behavior Modification

Course Descriptions

Psychology PSY

Academic Bulletins

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