Steven Gereenscer, Ph.D.Political Science

Steven Gerencser, Ph.D. | Chair
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Professors | L. Chen, Karakatsanis
Associate Professors | Bennion, Gerencser (Chair), Popescu
Assistant Professors | Krcatovitch, B. McDonald, J. Smith, Trottier    
Faculty Emeriti | Bonn, Hamburg, P. Herr, J. Lewis, Penikis

About Political Science

Courses offered by the department introduce students to the study of government and politics, including an understanding of public affairs, different political systems, and political ideas. This program intends to educate citizens who can think critically about politics and its place in their lives and in society; to provide a general liberal arts education for students continuing on to a wide variety of careers, including public service; and to help prepare those students who choose to continue on to graduate school or law school.

Through their coursework, students also come to understand some of the ways in which political scientists study politics; and learn to express themselves cogently in writing and orally. The department seeks to achieve these goals through its instructional program: a master’s degree, three graduate certificates, a major, a minor, and the political science courses taken by students majoring in other disciplines as part of the general education requirement.

Undergraduate Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Minor Offered

Minor in Political Science

Certificate Offered

Paralegal Studies Certificate Program

Graduate Degree and Certificates Offered

Master of Public Affairs

Graduate Certificates Offered

Graduate Certificate Programs | Public Management | Health Systems Management | Nonprofit Management

Course Descriptions

Political Science POLS | Geography GEOG


Academic Bulletins

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