Robert (Bobby) Meyer-Lee, Ph.D.English

Robert (Bobby) Meyer-Lee, Ph.D. | Chair
Wiekamp Hall 3127 | (574) 520-4304 |


Associate Professors | Brittenham, Chaney, Gindele, Kahan, Mattox, Meyer-Lee (Chair), K.C. Parker, Roth, K. Smith
Assistant Professors | Balthasar, He, D.D. Lee, Magnan-Park,Takanashi
Senior Lecturers | Botkin, J. Collins, Cubelic, Economakis, Paris, Wolford
Lecturers | Bridger, Michaels, Nichols-Boyle
Faculty Emeriti | J. Blodgett, E. Lyons, Robinson, Scanlan, Sherwood, Vander Ven, Wolfson
Advisor (Creative Writing) | Michaels
Advisor (Minor) | Roth

About English

English courses teach students to analyze and interpret texts, think critically, and write for diverse audiences. Courses invite students to participate in a rich cultural conversation that ranges from ancient epics to contemporary film.

Undergraduate Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts in English | 4-Year Degree Plan (Sample)

Minors Offered

Minor in English | Minor in Creative Writing | Minor in Film Studies

Certificate Offered

Certificate in Professional Writing

Graduate Degree Offered

Master of Arts in English | About the Master of Arts in English | Degree Requirements

Course Descriptions

English ENGL | Linguistics LING

Academic Bulletins

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