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Purdue University College of Technology | Engineering Technology Selectives

Purdue University College of TechnologyEngineering Technology Selectives

Technical Selectives

At least 12 cr. hrs. must be at the 300 level or above and at least 6 cr. hrs. must be in the same discipline. Courses listed below may not all be offered each year and the list of courses may be revised. See advisor for current course listing.

  • ECET 38500 Intro to Automotive Electronics
  • IT 33000 Industrial Sales & Sales Management
  • IT 33200 Purchasing, Inv. & Warehouse Mgmt.
  • IT 34500 Automation ID Data Capture
  • IT 35100 Adv. Industrial Safety & Health Mgmt.
  • IT 38100 Total Production Maintenance
  • IT 38500 Industrial Ergonomics
  • IT 43200 Financial Transaction Distribution
  • IT 43400 Global Trans. & Logistics Mgmt.
  • IT 43500 Distribution Mgmt. Policy
  • IT 44200 Production Planning
  • IT 48300 Facility Design for Lean Manufacturing
  • MET 30200 CAD in the Enterprise
  • MET 38200 Controls and Instrumentation
  • MET 45100 Manufacturing Quality Control
  • MFET 30000 Computer Integrated Manf. Technology
  • MFET 31100 Computer-Aided Design in Manf.
  • OLS 48400 Leadership Strategies for Quality Productivity
  • OLS 35100 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • OLS 48800 Leadership for Lean Enterprise

Humanities Foundation Selective (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 105 American History I
  • HIST-H 106 American History II
  • HIST-H 113 History of Western Civilization 1
  • HIST-H 114 History of Western Civilization 2
  • MUS-M 174 Music for the Listener
  • PHIL-P 110 Introduction to Philosophy

ECET CORE Selective
  • ECET 22400 Electronic Systems
  • ECET 23300 Electronics and Industrial Controls

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