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Bev ChurchUniversity Information Technology Services

Bev Church | Senior Director
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About University Information Technology Services

In full recognition of the student-centered orientation of the IU South Bend mission, University Information Technology Services (UITS) is dedicated to facilitating the creation and dissemination of information through accessible, and user-friendly technology, training and support. This is accomplished through the functional areas of user support, systems support, instructional media services, web services and information security.

Information technology service responsibilities are to:

  • Provide and support campus computing systems, including academic and local administrative systems
  • Install and maintain IU South Bend data and telephone networks
  • Provide computing technology and support of student technology centers
  • Provide training in computer use for students, faculty and staff
  • Provide campus level support of IU enterprise technology systems, cloud-based computing and the intelligent infrastructure
  • Support acquisition and maintenance of classroom instructional technology to facilitate the educational process
  • Provide access, consultation and support of educational media technology

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