Disability Support Services

Jim Hasse, Ph.D.Disability Support Services

Jim Hasse, Ph.D. | Director
Administration 113 | (574) 520-4832 | disabilitysupport.iusb.edu

About Disability Support Services

IU South Bend is committed to providing equal access to higher education for academically qualified students with disabilities. Disability Support Services assists students with disabilities in achieving their academic potential by coordinating a variety of services. The office acts as a liaison between the student, instructors, and other university resources and community agencies.

To be eligible for services, you must register with Disability Support Services and provide current documentation of the disability. Contact Disability Support Services at least eight weeks before enrolling at IU South Bend to ensure sufficient time to plan for individualized academic modifications and services. While every effort is made to accommodate students with disabilities, it is the student’s responsibility to make needs known, provide proper documentation, and request services in a timely manner.

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