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Secondary Education | M.S.

students studyingMaster of Science (M.S.) in Education, Secondary

Students entering the graduate secondary education master’s degree program at IU South Bend are primarily practicing professionals in the field of secondary (middle school, junior high, and high school) education. The goal of our program is to support them as professionals and foster a commitment to acquire and use professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions to prepare them for the future.

The Master of Science in Education, Secondary, requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of graduate courses in the content area, in professional education, and in research; including a capstone research project during their last two semesters. For an application or advising information, including specific coursework, contact the Office of Education Student Services to make an appointment with the graduate advisor.

Program Requirements (36 cr.)

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

Block I (18 cr.)
  • EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues
  • EDUC-K 524 Integration of Students with Exceptional Learning Needs
  • EDUC-P 507 Assessment in the Schools
  • EDUC-P 516 Adolescent Development
  • EDUC-R 503 Instructional Media Applications

Select one of the following:

  • EDUC-S 503 Secondary School Curriculum
  • EDUC-S 530 Junior High and Middle School Curriculum

Block II—Elective Focus (9 cr.)

Students choose a focus area and select 9 credit hours of elective courses. Students should make an appointment with an advisor in the Office of Education Student Services, Greenlawn Hall 120, for an evaluation.

Block III—Research Requirements (9 cr.)
  • EDUC-C 511 Capstone Seminar (Checkpoint 3)
  • EDUC-P 503 Introduction to Research
  • EDUC-S 591 Research Project in Secondary Education (Checkpoint 2)

Students shall not enroll in EDUC-C511 Capstone Seminar until all other degree requirements are completed.

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