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Certificate Programs

The Public Affairs graduate certificate is a 15 credit hour (five courses) program designed for individuals who want a short course in management, as in the following examples:

  • Those in public and community or health care organizations or agencies who wish to supplement their primary fields of professional or technical expertise.
  • People changing from professional or technical roles to managerial roles in their organizations.
  • Career employees of public and community agencies or health care organizations interested in studying about public or health care management.

Admission Requirements, Application Procedures, and Academic Standing

To apply to a certificate program, applicants must meet the same eligibility requirements as applicants seeking admission to the M.P.A. degree program. Applicants also must follow the same application procedures as those for the M.P.A. degree program. The rules for maintaining good academic standing in the M.P.A. degree program also apply to the certificate program.

Certificate Program Requirements (15 cr.)

Courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

Public Management Certificate
  • POLS-Y 501 Fundamentals of Public Management
  • POLS-Y 505 Personnel Management in Public Organizations
  • POLS-Y 511 Public Economics
  • Two additional political science graduate courses

Health Systems Management Certificate
  • POLS-Y 502 Health Care Delivery Policy Issues
  • POLS-Y 504 Politics of Managing Health Services Organizations
  • POLS-Y 506 Politics of Health Care Finance
  • Select two additional courses with advisor approval

Nonprofit Management Certificate
  • POLS-Y 505 Personnel Management in Public Organizations
  • POLS-Y 515 Nonprofit Management
  • POLS-Y 518 Nonprofit Financial Management Policy
  • Two additional political science graduate courses

Academic Bulletins

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