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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to give students a broad acquaintance with the various ways scholars study and interpret the world in which we live. It is also intended to enable students to understand, and to communicate their understanding of, the richly varied and changing contexts of our lives. Within this general-educational framework students choose one or more areas for in-depth study.

Every student at IU South Bend must complete campuswide general-education requirements. Students within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must also complete requirements for bachelor’s degrees, and the following concentration requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisors every semester to help them select the optimal course of study. In many cases, courses can be selected that satisfy both the college and the campuswide general-education requirements.

A bachelor’s degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at IU South Bend comprises three parts:

  • Part One | Campus and college requirements (I, II and III) together encourage breadth of general knowledge and skills.
  • Part Two | A minor encourages depth of knowledge in an area outside the major, perhaps even outside the college
  • Part Three | A major encourages deep and coherent knowledge and skills development in a particular field of study within the college.

Part One and Part Two together make up the college’s liberal education requirements, summarized below. For information on Part Three, major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, refer to the relevant department or interdisciplinary program section of this publication.

Summary of CLAS Liberal Education Requirements

No course may be used to meet more than one Part One requirement. Any course used to meet major (Part Three) or minor (Part Two) requirements may also be used to meet one but not more than one of the Part One requirements. No course may be used to meet both a minor (Part Two) and major (Part Three) requirement.

A candidate for a bachelor’s degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, including at least 30 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level.

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