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Purdue University College of Technology | A.S. Mechanical Technology

Student at Purdue University College of Technology at IU South BendMechanical Engineering Technology

Associate of Science

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) concerns the generation, transmission, and utilization of mechanical and fluid energy, knowledge of materials, and the design and production of tools and machines and their products.

The purpose of the MET degree program is to produce graduates qualified to accept jobs such as laboratory technicians, engineering aides, plant maintenance people, layout persons, production assistants, and technical salespersons. With additional experience, promotion to positions such as industrial supervisors, machine and tool designers, technical buyers, production expediters, and cost estimators is possible. Courses in the MET degree program are also very valuable in the upgrade or retraining of adults now in the work force. Students who complete an associate degree in MET may continue for a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (IT) or Engineering Technology (ET) at the South Bend location.

Program Requirements

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

First Year (34 cr.)

First Semester

  • CGT 11000 Technical Graphics Communications
  • ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition 1
  • MATH-M 115 Precalculus and Trigonometry (5 cr.)
  • MET 14400 Materials and Processes II
  • MET 16000 Analytical and Computational Tools in MET

Second Semester

  • MET 10200 Production Design and Specifications
  • MET 11100 Applied Statistics
  • MET 14300 Materials and Processes
  • MATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus 1
  • PHYS-P 221 Physics 1 (5 cr.)
Second Year (32 cr.)

Third Semester

  • ECET 21400 Electricity Fundamentals
  • MET 21100 Applied Strength of Materials (4 cr.)
  • MET 21300 Dynamics
  • MET 24500 Manufacturing Systems
  • PHYS-P 222 Physics 2 (5 cr.)

Fourth Semester

CAND 99100

Course that students must enroll when registering for the last course for the certificate. There are no fees assessed for this course. No class attendance is required and no grade will be issued.

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