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Purdue University College of Technology | Electrical Engineering Electives

Electrical Engineering Technology Electives

ECET Elective Courses (12 cr.)

The courses listed below may not all be offered each year and the list of courses may be revised. See advisor for current course offerings. Perequisites are shown in parenthesis.

  • ECET 32900 Adv. Embedded Digital Syst. (ECET 27900)
  • ECET 33500 Computer Arch/Perform Eval. (ECET 27900)
  • ECET 33700 Analog Signal Processing (ECET 277)
  • ECET 33900 Digital Signal Processing (ECET 27900)
  • ECET 34900 Advanced Digital Systems (ECET 17900 and 22900)
  • ECET 36400 Fund. of Electromagnetics (ECET 27700)
  • ECET 38800 Analog IC Applications (ECET 33700)
  • ECET 42800 Audio Electronics-Sel. Topics (ECET 33700, ECET 33900)
  • ECET 44400 Wireless Syst: Design/Meas. (ECET 27400, ECET 36400)

Technical Selectives (12 cr.)
  • Limited to 2 courses (6 credits) in any one discipline
  • Any College of Technology course (including ECET)
  • Laboratory-based science course in physics, chemistry, or biology

Communication Selective (6 cr.)

Select one course from each category below

Written Communications (3 cr.)

  • ENGL 42100 Technical Writing
  • ENG-W 203 Creative Writing level or higher
  • ENG-W 231 Professional Writing Skills
  • ENG-W 232 Introduction to Business Writing
  • ENG-W 270 Argumentative Writing

Oral Communication (3 cr.)

  • Communication or Speech course 20000 level or higher

General Education Electives (12 cr.)
  • Limited to two courses (6 cr.) in any one discipline

Any courses from: anthropology, English, history, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology, theatre, women’s studies

CAND 99100

Course that students must enroll when enrolling for the last course for graduation. This is the student’s application for graduation. There are no fees assessed for this course. No class attendance is required and no grade will be issued.

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