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School of Medicine
Academic Bulletin

1120 South Drive 
Fesler Hall 302 
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5114 
Local: (317) 274-8157 
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Office of Information Resources and Educational Technology (IRET)

IU School of Medicine
975 W. Walnut Street, IB 310
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Telephone: (317) 274-7183
Fax: (317) 278-2349

Educational Technology
Learning Resource Center
Presentation Technology Services
Ruth Lilly Medical Library
Visual Media
IRET Administration

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology (ET) group within IRET provides support for all forms of classroom and distance learning technology. The group manages the IUSM Angel server, daly.medicine.iu.edu, a Web-based course management and collaboration portal for IUSM faculty and students. The Angel system provides a flexible way to provide student access to resources from home, and is closely integrated with other IUSM online services, such as those provided by the Medical Library, and the pedagogical services provided by Medical Education and Curricular Affairs (MECA).

The ET group provides videoconferencing services and video streaming in classrooms and throughout the medical campus, as well as consulting throughout IUSM. The group has videoconferencing rooms in the library, as well as a mobile videoconferencing unit, that can be scheduled by calling (317) 274-1531 or using the online Web form at www.medlib.iupui.edu/techsupport/vc/. Using the ET equipment you can be connected to IUSM centers throughout the state, to all IU campuses, Clarian network sites, public Project Athena sites throughout the state, and Internet 2 sites throughout the world.

ET provides consulting on educational technology projects, including the technical information necessary for use of the Angel server for distance learning, and classroom design for optimal use of technology. See the et.medicine.iu.edu Web page for detailed information.

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Learning Resource Center

As a multimedia hub and technology gateway, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) helps students, faculty, and staff explore new horizons in medical education. The LRC provides a networked learning environment that delivers information through video, audio, medical imagery, and a variety of digital resources. It is the modern electronic environment to access, organize, and integrate ever-increasing masses of information in the field of medicine.

Faculty, students, and staff will find many media materials and services that support the curriculum and enhance learning.

Services offered include individual computer support and guidance, lecture taping and duplication; audio recorder loans, Microsoft programs for purchase, educational videos, 24-hour computer access; and course reserve materials.

Technology available includes computers with productivity software, Internet and e-mail access, video recorders, audio recorders, radiographic and flatbed scanners, microscopes, typewriter, photocopier, and fax machine.

This diverse, interactive learning environment is linked to a full range of professional services and support through IRET. Faculty can utilize our expertise to create, customize, and acquire learning materials and to review and evaluate educational software. Located across the hall from the LRC, the computer Tutorial Lab provides a custom configured network of 18 computer workstations. Especially suited for demonstrations, training sessions, and hands-on sessions in a structured setting, the Tutorial Lab integrates specialized software for computer classrooms, full network and Internet access, and advanced projection and multimedia display capabilities. When not scheduled for classroom use, the lab is available for individual use 24 hours a day.

Learning Resource Center hours of operation (exceptions will be posted):

Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.- 9 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Sunday 1 p.m.- 6 p.m.

The LRC is located in the Medical Science Building, MS B10 and B16.

Front Desk telephone: (317) 274-4051
Fax: 317-274-2385

Web site: www.medlib.iupui.edu/lrc/index.html

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Presentation Technology Services

Do you need a way to project your PowerPoint presentation or magnify cellular images for a large group? Have you considered getting instantaneous feedback from your audience? With advanced learning technologies, you can captivate your audience and make your message more meaningful.

Our audiovisual technicians and the latest equipment can play an important role in the delivery of powerful multimedia communications. By combining your content with the right tools and PTS's individualized service, you'll deliver hard-hitting, memorable presentations.

You don't have to be an audiovisual expert to use our equipment. Our skilled professionals are available to explain the essentials or to operate the equipment, allowing you to concentrate on your presentation. We go beyond the service you'll find anywhere else.

Presentation technologies available include:

  • Computer displays—large screen projection, high intensity overhead, computer interfaces, multi-scan monitors
  • Audio and video recorders—classroom videotaping services, video playback, audio recording
  • Sound reinforcement systems—microphones, speakers, mixers, customized large conference audio systems
  • Slide, overhead, and video projectors—synchronized dual slide projection, clear acetate overheads, video projection, slide/sound playbacks, live video feeds
  • Interactive Audience Response Systems—instantaneous audience survey and polling with audience feedback
  • Other specialty equipment—laser/light pointers, easels, projection screens, teleconferencing
There is no charge for equipment or technical assistance for services provided on campus in support to the medical school curriculum during regular business hours. Other service requests are provided at competitive prices.

To order equipment and services:

Phone: (317) 274-8856
Fax: (317) 278-2361

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Ruth Lilly Medical Library

The mission of the Ruth Lilly Medical Library is to meet the information needs of the school's faculty, students, and staff throughout the state. Additionally, the library serves all other personnel in the Indiana University Medical Center as well as practicing Indiana health professionals.

The library provides print and electronic access to over 2,300 journals, with additional titles accessible via agreements with other Indiana University libraries. In addition, the library provides electronic access to over 20 bibliographic databases and over 90 books, including such well-known titles as Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and Scientific American Medicine. Additional database access is provided via agreements with other Indiana University libraries. Printing and photocopying are available for a fee. Copy/ print cards are available at the Circulation Desk, or you may set up an account to use your Indiana University OneCard as a debit card.

Items not available in the library's collection may be requested via our Document Delivery Service, available at no charge for most requests. Delivery of articles held by the library is available for a fee. Many items can be delivered as electronic files directly to your personal computer.

The Library's Information Services faculty and staff provide basic assistance with accessing materials and with reference questions. In-depth consultation and individualized training on basic database searching and electronic resource utilization are also available. Online reference assistance is available via e-mail. Library faculty participate in the design and implementation of the School of Medicine's competency-based curriculum, and are available to teach individual classes or complete courses.

Ruth Lilly Medical Library hours of operation (summer hours vary; exceptions will be posted):

Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-midnight
Saturday 8 a.m.-midnight
Sunday noon-midnight

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library is located in the Medical Research and Library Building, IB 100.

Library Administration telephone: (317) 274-1404
Library Administration fax: (317) 278-2349
Circulation Desk telephone: (317) 274-7182
Reference Desk telephone: (317) 274-7185
Document Delivery telephone: (317) 274-7184

Web site: www.medlib.iupui.edu

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Visual Media

The Office of Visual Media is a comprehensive communication design and production facility working with people who are concerned about, support, and promote the health, well-being, and quality of life of all people. Visual Media offers graphic design, illustration and sculpture, photography, and video/ multimedia as creative solutions for the presentation of your ideas.

The staff of Visual Media will work with you to assess and determine your needs and will create an appropriate solution to convey your message to your target audience. From designing a PowerPoint slide presentation to producing a multi-language interactive CD-ROM, we can create anything, including:

  • graphic and print design (brochures, logo identities, newsletters, annual reports, roll-out posters, title boards, exhibits and displays)
  • illustration (anatomical, conceptual, medical, medical legal, editorial, cartoon, caricatures)
  • video promotion, programs, and educational tools
  • marketing presentations and packages
  • interactive multimedia
  • photography and image manipulation
  • special events packages
  • animation and video production
Everyone has a budget, and while our creativity and energy may be limitless, we understand that your dollars are not. Effective doesn't mean expensive. In fact, we've earned awards for our outstanding and affordable productions. Developing solutions that fit all of your guidelines can be a challenge, but meeting that challenge is part of the process, and we can do that, too.

Telephone: (317) 274-4423
Fax: (317) 274-5636

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IRET Administration

Julie McGowan, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Lola Thompson, Director of Administration and Finance

Virginia Marschand, Financial Manager

Educational Technology
Medical Libraries and Learning Resource Center
Visual Media

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Educational Technology

Jim Morgan, Director

John Gill, Associate Director Michael Bangert, Database Analyst/Programmer

Mike Lentz, Computer Operations Administrator

Paul Fleenor, Coordinator of Technical Services, Presentation Technologies Services

Jeremy McElroy, Assistant Coordinator of Technical Services, Presentation Technologies Services

Sean Moser, Videoconferencing Coordinator

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Medical Libraries and Learning Resource Center

Julie McGowan, Ph.D., Director

Sue London, Executive Associate Director

Bob Brault, Circulation Manager

Tom Emmett, Clinical Informationist

Doug Bartlow, Coordinator of Learning Resources

Fran Brahmi, Curriculum and Education Coordinator

Carole Gall, Development Officer

Rick Ralston, Document Delivery Coordinator

Kellie Kaneshiro, Information Services Coordinator

Jim Morgan, Information Systems Coordinator

Peggy Richwine, Outreach Coordinator

Nancy Eckerman, Special Collections Coordinator

Amy Hatfield, Systems Librarian

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Visual Media

Thomas Weinzerl, Director

Paul Hagan, Associate Director

Marilyn Hughes, Administrative Assistant

David Jaynes, Photography Supervisor

Patrick Collins, Graphic Design Supervisor

Diane Hook, Video/Multimedia Production Manager

Denise Mehner, Computer Slide Imaging (PowerPoint, et al)

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