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Student Learning Outcomes
Interior Design Technology

Interior Design Technology, A.S. and B.S.
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Retain a global view and weigh design decisions within the parameters of ecological, socio-economic and cultural contexts.
  2. Create work through informed knowledge of behavioral science and human factors.
  3. Apply all aspects of the design process to creative problem solving.
  4. Engage in multi-disciplinary collaborations and consensus building.
  5. Be effective communicators
  6. Use ethical and accepted standards of practice, be committed to professional development and the industry, and understand the value of their contribution to the built environment.
  7. Apply knowledge of interiors, architecture, art and the decorative arts within a historical and cultural context.
  8. Apply elements and principles of tow- and three-dimensional design.
  9. Apply color principles and theories.
  10. Select and specify furniture, fixtures, equipment and finish materials in interior spaces.
  11. Use the principles of lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality to enhance the health, safety, welfare and performance of building occupants.
  12. Retain knowledge of interior construction and building systems.
  13. Use laws, codes, standards, and guidelines that impact the design of interior spaces.