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Zachary's Law

The state of Indiana, through Zachary’s Law, requires Indiana Sheriff's to jointly maintain and provide detailed information about individuals who register as sex or violent offenders.

The purpose of the registry is to inform the general public about the identity, location, and appearance of sex and violent offenders who live, work, or study in Indiana.

Indiana University ensures that no student who is on a state or national sex offender registry is allowed to pursue a degree in which contact with children is part of the course of study.

As a number of degree programs and specific courses either prepare students to work with minors or place them in contact with minors as a part of the course, enrollment in those courses or programs is not available to anyone who appears on the sex offender registry.

If you are listed on a registry, contact the IUPUI school offering the degree program in which you are interested to inquire if your inclusion on the registry is a barrier to your enrollment.

For more information, visit https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/disclosures/zachary.html.