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Student Responsibilities

Degree Requirements

The faculty and Trustees of Indiana University and Purdue University vote to confer the degree on students upon successful completion of their course of study. Students are responsible for understanding all requirements of their declared degree programs and completing them by the time they graduate. Advisors, directors, deans, and faculty gladly help students understand school requirements; however, each student is responsible for fulfilling the requirements. Students may refer to this bulletin, One.IU (one.iu.edu), and school advisors and recorders to find out about their personal progress toward a degree.

Graduation Application

An application for graduation must be submitted to the academic unit prior to the desired graduation date. Campus priority deadlines are:

  • Spring (May) graduation: October 15
  • Summer (August) graduation: January 15
  • Fall (December) graduate: May 15

Failure to file an application by these deadlines may delay graduation.  For more information, visit: https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/grades-progress/graduation-diplomas/apply-to-graduate.html.

Changes to student information

Students are responsible for informing IUPUI of any changes in their name, address, phone number, and other relevant data. Students should use One.IU (one.iu.edu) to change information online or provide it directly to the Office of the Registrar.

Enrollment & Registration

Students are responsible registering for classes and for initiating and confirming the success of late drops or late adds. Failure to properly drop a course could result in an F in that course and responsibility for tuition and fees. Similarly, all registration or add procedures must be followed or students risk not receiving credit for a course that was improperly added.

The availability of courses is subject to change. A class may be cancelled because of low enrollment or departmental staffing considerations. The department canceling a class will notify registered students and help them make alternate arrangements, if necessary. Registered students also will be notified if the meeting time and/or location of a course has changed since the student registered.

Registration will not automatically be cancelled for nonpayment of fees. Students must either pay their fees or drop all of their classes by the end of the first week of classes if they do not intend to return to IUPUI for the semester.  Dropping classes by the first week releases class spaces in time to be available to other students.

Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct

Students should also be familiar with the rules of appropriate academic behavior, which are based on three major premises: (1) The free exchange of ideas is critical to university life, and therefore civility within the academic community must be ensured; (2) ideas are as much property as are houses, cars, CDs, and wallets, and therefore, another person’s ideas cannot be used without permission and acknowledgment of the idea’s true owner; and finally, (3) knowledge and wisdom are truly the result of contributions of individuals and societies past and present from around the world, and therefore, diversity is seen as a desired, even crucial, component of any intellectual community. These concepts lead to rules and regulations that are found in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Students are expected to be familiar with the basics of the Code.

Registration Agreement & Tuition/Fee Obligations

Students who register for classes engage in a registration agreement with IUPUI.  When students register, the university reserves specific class spaces for those students; and commits resources to provide the instruction that has been selected. The students, then, assume the responsibility for paying those course fees or for notifying the university if they decide not to attend.

All students agree to the following when they enroll at an Indiana University campus: 

By enrolling in classes at Indiana University, you are entering into a legally binding contract in which you acknowledge and agree to pay all tuition and fees assessed to your bursar account. This includes accepting responsibility for any additional costs related to your enrollment at Indiana University including, but not limited to, room and housing charges, meals, parking passes and/or fines, library fines, and any other departmental or college costs. Tuition and Fees apply regardless of the method of instruction or length of term, even if the instruction method changes at any point of the year, and you acknowledge that such academic determinations will be made by Indiana University in its sole discretion. Published drop/add deadlines also apply regardless of the method of instruction.

You understand that if you allow your bursar account to become delinquent, University services such as future registration, release of transcript, the conferral of your degree and/or diploma, and other certifications will be encumbered until such time as your account is paid in full. In addition, you understand that Indiana University may refer your past due account for collection, report your delinquency to the credit bureau system, authorize legal action against you for the collection of this debt and report the debt to the Indiana Department of Revenue Tax Interception Program. You agree to be liable for all collection fees, plus any court and/or attorney fees resulting from the enforcement of this agreement (as allowed under Indiana Code section 21-14-2-11), necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. Any collection fees stated above are in addition to the principal, fees, and interest due on the account.

You understand and agree that Indiana University uses electronic means for registration in classes, financial aid acceptance and processing, and financial transactions such account payments and payment plan setup. Email is an official method of communication at IU. IU will send notifications regarding your academic record, account balances, financial aid, and other information related to your status as a student at Indiana University through your official university email account.

You understand and agree that if you accrue an unpaid balance, you authorize the University and/or its agents, including attorneys and collection agencies, to contact you via cellular telephone and/or all forms of electronic technology (to include text messaging and email) to collect such outstanding debt, unless you notify the agent in writing to cease electronic/cellular communication.

You understand that neither suspension or expulsion from Indiana University ends your obligation to pay any unpaid tuition and fees assessed to your bursar account. You further understand that suspension or expulsion will result in the forfeit of paid tuition and fees for the semester in which you are suspended or expelled.