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Dropping or Adding Classes


Dropping or Adding Classes


Students are responsible for managing and monitoring their enrollment in classes and must verify that changes are reflected in the student information system to be considered official.  Stopping attendance in a class, never attending a class, or not paying tuition and fees does not cause a student to be dropped from the class(s). 

Students must be aware of any enrollment requirements tied to benefits such as receiving financial aid or scholarships, veteran’s benefits, NCAA athletic eligibility, or maintaining visa status.  Dropping and adding classes may impact a student’s ability to receive such benefits so students should consult with the appropriate office prior to making schedule changes. 

Drop/Add (Self-Service) Period

Students can make changes in their schedule from the time of their initial registration through the last day of the first week of the semester, commonly referred to as the self-service period (https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/register/drop-add/index.html), through the Student Center via One.iu.edu. 

No grade will be assigned for dropped courses during this time and the class(es) will not appear on the official transcript. 

Late Drop/Add Period

The late drop/add period (https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/register/drop-add/late-drop-add.html) starts after the first week of the semester.  To drop or add classes during this time, students submit an electronic eDrop/eAdd request.  If the electronic request is not approved within 14 days, the request will be cancelled.

Students receiving financial aid should be aware that dropping a course may change the amount of aid (https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/funding/manage-financial-aid/keep-financial-aid.html) for which a student is eligible and may require that the student repay some of the money already received.

Late Drops during Automatic Withdrawal (Auto-W) Period

The automatic-W period (https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/register/drop-add/late-drop-add.html) begins the second week of the semester.  Drops made during the auto-W period require the approval of the student’s academic advisor.  A grade of W will automatically be assigned upon final approval and will display on the official transcript and on the student’s schedule.

While withdrawals do not change a student’s GPA, excessive withdrawals will trigger the federal government’s definition of not making satisfactory academic progress and may result in the loss of eligibility for certain types of aid or benefits.

Late Adds

All late add requests require the approval of the student’s academic advisor.  If the class has started, the instructor’s approval is also required. 

Late Drops during Post Auto-W Period

Dropping a class after the end of the automatic-W period requires the approval of the student’s academic advisor, the course instructor, and the academic program dean or dean’s designee. 

Many schools require additional information or documentation before approving a drop this late in the semester.  Approvals are considered only in extenuating circumstances.

If a late withdrawal is approved, students may receive a grade of W if the work was of passing quality at the time of the drop.  Instructors may choose to assign a grade of F if the student was failing the course at the time of the late drop request during this period. 

No drop requests will be considered once final grade rosters are open for a course.  Students requesting drops after this time may pursue a retroactive withdrawal as outlined in the grade change policy.

Refunds for Dropped Courses

The official first day of classes for each semester is used to determine the refund period.  Refund amounts for dropped courses vary and are determined by the duration of the course and the date the student drops the course.  For electronic drop/add processing, the date the student initiates the request is used as the drop date once all approvals are secured.

Banded tuition rates apply for undergraduate students registered in 12 to 18 credit hours.  Students that drop a course but remain in the banded tuition range may not be eligible for a refund.   

For courses that are 9–16 weeks in duration, the refund schedule is as follows.  For withdrawal during:

1st week of classes—100% of course fees

2nd week of classes—75% of course fees

3rd week of classes—50% of course fees

4th week of classes—25% of course fees

5th week of classes and after—No refund


Refund periods for shorter duration courses (less than 9 weeks in length) can be found here: https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/pay-bill/receive-your-refund/index.html.  Refund deadlines are available on the official academic calendar (https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/calendars/official-calendar.html).

The Office of the Bursar does not withdraw students from classes for failure to pay fees.

Every student must officially withdraw from a class before a refund may be considered. Students that do not drop the course will be assigned a grade of F at the end of the term and will be required to pay for the course before becoming eligible to register for future semesters.