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Academic Policy

Submitting Final Grades

At the end of a term, the instructor must submit a valid grade for all students enrolled in the course.

Grades must be submitted within four days after the end of the term.  Grades submitted by 8 p.m. will be available to students the following morning.  Grade roster deadlines are listed on the official calendar.

Faculty members are required to differentiate students who fail a class because they quit attending from those who failed the class on merit.

  • FN should be assigned if student failed because they quit attending
  • FNN should be assigned if a student failed because they NEVER attended

If a final grade roster is not received by the processing deadline, the campus registrar shall enter an “NR” for that course on all student grade notifications. The status of the grade roster is the responsibility of the instructor.

Grades shall be submitted to, recorded, and maintained by the campus registrar.  Individual academic units may also maintain grade records.

Student grades shall not be posted physically or electronically where they can be viewed by anyone other than the student, instructor, and university officials.

Retention of Grade Records and Graded Materials

To the extent feasible, the exams, papers, projects, and other material upon which a grade is based, and which were not returned to the student, shall be retained by the instructor or in a university data base for a minimum of one year.

Instructors shall retain their own grade books and summary grade records for a minimum of five years. 

Additional information on the retention of student records can be viewed here: https://facultystaffcentral.iupui.edu/calendars/records-retention/index.html.