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Academic Policy

Student Engagement Roster

In support of campus efforts to increase student retention and four-year graduation, all faculty teaching undergraduate students are asked to provide feedback early and often on student attendance and performance in their class. The Student Engagement Roster is a feedback tool that allows faculty members to communicate with students about how they are doing in a class and to make recommendations on how to improve or deepen their learning.

The roster system offers various features that facilitate efficient, meaningful communication with students, including:

  • Positive feedback on student performance
  • Personalized comments when adding feedback
  • Ability to provide feedback for multiple students at once
  • Canvas integration to filter students based on gradebook columns
  • Ability for faculty to view when students have viewed feedback

When faculty submit feedback, students receive an email that alerts them to the new feedback (unless the only feedback provided is an indication of attendance). In addition, faculty observations, recommendations, and feedback are visible by academic advisors, who can look for patterns across all of a student’s courses. This allows advisors to reach out to students in more targeted and supportive ways.

The Student Engagement Roster website has additional information about the roster for faculty and staff.