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Academic Policy

Academic Distinction

To graduate with academic distinction in Indiana University schools, students must rank within the highest 10% of the graduating class of their respective degree-granting units. Baccalaureate degree candidates must have completed a minimum of 60 hours at Indiana University. Associate degree candidates must have completed at least half of the hours required for their degree at Indiana University.

There are three levels of distinction: distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction. Each degree-granting unit shall determine the appropriate GPA or class rank required to graduate with high or highest distinction.

Academic units may establish Honors Programs and set their own criteria for the award of a degree with honors, which is not subject to this policy.

In the Purdue schools, students receiving Purdue degrees receive high and highest distinction, while geology students who receive IU degrees may be awarded distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction. To be eligible, candidates must complete all their degree programs' requirements and meet the following conditions: (1) a minimum of 65 credit hours of course work from Purdue University or Indiana University applicable to the graduation index (degree grade point average) must be on record; (2) the minimum graduation index for distinction (Purdue and IU degrees) shall be no less than the 90th percentile of the graduation indexes of all the graduates in the school for the spring semester, provided that the index is at least 3.30. The minimum graduation indexes determined for the spring semester for graduation with distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction shall be applied for graduation with those respective levels of distinction for the subsequent summer sessions and fall semester. Consult the sections for the School of Engineering and Technology and the School of Science for more information.