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Legal Studies Minor

Minor in Legal Studies

Law and the institutions associated with it are of great and growing importance in modern society. Law and legal institutions define relationships among individuals, shape and are shaped by public policies, and express cultural values and traditions as well as conflicts over those values and traditions. The minor in legal studies provides students with an opportunity to study law and its relationship to society from a variety of perspectives. Whether students are interested in law as a potential career or are interested in law only as an important aspect of modern society, the courses they take to satisfy the minor may help them satisfy that interest. The minor also provides official recognition of students’ pursuit of this multidisciplinary field of study.

A minor in Legal Studies (POLS) requires satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • completion of properly distributed credit hour requirements for the baccalaureate degree in effect when the student was admitted to their home school,
  • completion of 15 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course,
  • course work must be completed in more than one department or program,
  • to declare the minor, complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form: https://liberalarts.iupui.edu/admissions/update-major-form.html

Minor Requirements:

  • POLS-Y 211: Introduction to Law

Additional Courses (12 cr.)-choose four of the following:

  • AMST-A 303: Topics in American Studies- Law and American Culture*
  • HIST-A 325: American Constitutional History I
  • HIST-A 326: American Constitutional History II
  • HIST-A 327: American Legal History I
  • HPER-P 411: Legal Issues in Sports Settings
  • JOUR-J 300: Communications Law
  • PHIL-P 375: Philosophy of Law
  • POLS-Y 304: Constitutional Law
  • POLS-Y 305: Constitutional Rights and Liberties
  • POLS-Y 320: Judicial Politics
  • POLS-Y 367: International Law
  • PSY-B 375: Psychology and Law
  • SPEA-V 376: Law and Public Policy
  • SPEA-V 408: Community and the Constitution
  • WGSS-W 300/POLS-Y 300: Topics in Women’s Studies: Women and the Law*

*These course numbers are also used for other course titles, which do not count toward the minor. Only the course number and title combinations shown here are approved to count toward the minor. Some of these courses are offered only occasionally.

Accelerated Second Degree: The Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies are waived for undergraduate students whose first major is outside the School of Liberal Arts and whose second major is a Bachelor of Arts degree from the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Students are only required to complete the courses in their major of choice in Liberal Arts. The IUPUI General Education Core or the Indiana transferable general education core must be successfully completed. Students must complete the degree outside Liberal Arts in order to have the Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies waived for degree completion. The Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies are only waived for students who actively pursue and complete another degree program outside of Liberal Arts.