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Africana Studies

Minor in Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Program encompasses the scholarly exploration of the life and culture of people of Africa and the African Diaspora from an interdisciplinary perspective.  A minor in Africana Studies gives students the opportunity to get a broad background in this area to complement students’ major area of study.

A minor in Africana Studies (AFRO) requires satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • Completion of properly distributed credit hour requirements for the baccalaureate degree in effect when the student was admitted to their home school.
  • Completion of 15 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course
  • to declare the minor, complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form: https://liberalarts.iupui.edu/admissions/update-major-form.html

Minor Requirements: 

  • AFRO-A 140: Introduction to African American and African Diaspora Studies (3 cr.)

One  (1) of the following courses (3 cr. each): 

  • AFRO-A 200: Research in African and African Diaspora Studies
  • AFRO-A 306: Globalization, Struggle, and Empowerment in the African Diaspora

Nine (9) credits from the list of electives in the Africana Studies program 

 In addition to courses offered by the Africana Studies program, courses are divided into three areas of concentration- Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; and North America.  Students planning a minor in Africana Studies may take courses in any of these concentrations.  New courses may be added to the list of approved electives as they become available.

Africana Studies courses (common to the three areas of concentration, 3 cr. each):

  • AFRO-A 106: Perspectives from the African American Diaspora
  • AFRO-A 414: Seminar in African American and African Diaspora Studies:  Senior Capstone
  • AFRO-A 495: Independent Study
  • AFRO-A 499: Honors Thesis or Community Experience Internship

Africa (3 cr. each):

  • AFRO-A 152: Introduction to African Studies
  • AFRO-A 306: Globalization, Struggle, and Empowerment in the African Diaspora 
  • ENG-L 382: Fiction of the Non-Western World: 20th Century African Literature
  • ENG- L 411: Literature and Society: South African Literature and Society
  • FREN-F 271: Cultures and Border Crossings
  • HIST-H 227: African Civilizations
  • HIST-H 421: Topics in African, Asian, or Latin American History: Peoples and Cultures of Africa or Modern Africa
  • POLS-Y 338: African Politics
  • REL-R 308: Arab Histories

Latin America and the Caribbean (3 cr. each):

  • ENG-L 245: Introduction to Caribbean Literature
  • ENG-L 406: Topics in African-American Literature: Anglophone Caribbean Writers
  • ENG-L 406: Topics in African-American Literature: Caribbean Women Writers
  • FREN-F 371: Francophone African and Caribbean Literature
  • REL-R 328: Afro-Diasporic Religions

North America (3 cr. each): 

  • AFRO-A 150: Survey Culture of Black Americans
  • AFRO-A 255: The Black Church in America
  • AFRO-A 303: Topics in African American Studies
  • AFRO-A 326: Race, Beauty and Popular Culture
  • AFRO-A 369: The African American Experience
  • ENG-L 370: Black American Writing
  • HIST-A 355: African-American History I
  • HIST-A 356: African-American History II
  • MUS-M 394: Black Music in America
  • MUS-Z 393: History of Jazz
  • POLS-Y 325: African American Politics
  • REL-R 363: African-American Religions
  • REL-R 370: Islam in America

Accelerated Second Degree: The Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies are waived for undergraduate students whose first major is outside the School of Liberal Arts and whose second major is a Bachelor of Arts degree from the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Students are only required to complete the courses in their major of choice in Liberal Arts. The IUPUI General Education Core or the Indiana transferable general education core must be successfully completed. Students must complete the degree outside Liberal Arts in order to have the Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies waived for degree completion. The Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies are only waived for students who actively pursue and complete another degree program outside of Liberal Arts.