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Motorsports Studies

Certificate in Motorsports Studies

The Certificate in Motorsports Studies will serve student interests and community needs.  The motorsports industry has a significant influence on the social and economic fabric of central Indiana, the mid-west, the United States and, indeed, the world.  For those interested in increasing their understanding of motorsports, the certificate will provide that background.  At the same time, various sectors of the industry need employees with a general understanding of motorsports, but who also bring training and skills in communications, business, management, and tourism, among other areas. Three tracks of the certificate will provide that focus.

By drawing on the expertise available through the curriculum offered by the IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology and their BS in Motorsports Engineering, in addition to courses offered through the School of Business, the School of Journalism and the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management, this Motorsports Studies Certificate will offer a unique opportunity to study many different facets of the motorsports industry.  Special emphases (“tracks”) are available for students interested in communication and public relations, business, finance, management, and tourism management, as related to the motorsports industry.  The required capstone course, which may include internships, will help place students in jobs in the motorsports industry, if they so desire. 

Admission to the Certificate program in Motorsports Studies (MSPT) requires the following:

  • Completion of 55 credit hours towards an IUPUI degree or of transferrable work.
  • A cumulative 2.5 GPA.

Students who have not enrolled at IUPUI may be considered for this certificate if they meet the above criteria and apply for Undergraduate Admission to IUPUI and specify the Undergraduate Motorsports Studies Certificate as their objective.

The Certificate program in Motorsports Studies (MSPT) requires satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Completion of a total of 21 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course.
  • Students may not “double count” required courses within the certificate.
  • to declare the certificate, complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form: https://liberalarts.iupui.edu/admissions/update-major-form.html

Certificate Requirements:

Required Courses:

  • MSPT- Z 100 Motorsports Studies (3 cr.)

Choose one of the following courses (3 cr.):

  • MSTE 27200 Introduction to Motorsports (3 cr.)
  • MSTE 31200 Business of Motorsports (3 cr.)

Choose one of the following courses (3 cr.):

  • COMM-C 380 Organizational Communication
  • COMM-G 310 Introduction to Communication Research
  • ENG- W 231 Professional Writing Skills
  • SOC-R 351 Social Science Research Methods

Choose one of the following courses (3 cr.): 

  • MSPT-Z 444 Motorsports Studies Capstone
  • MSPT-Z 445 Motorsports Studies Internship


Choose 9 credit hours in one of the four areas of emphasis listed:

Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations Emphasis (3 courses from the list below):

  •     COMM-G 310: Introduction to Communication Research (3 cr.)
  •     COMM-C 380: Organizational Communication (3 cr.)
  •     ENG-W 231: Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 150: An Introduction to Sports Journalism (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 200: Reporting, Writing, and Editing 1 (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 219: Introduction to Public Relations (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 321: Principles of Public Relations (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 340: Public Relations Tactics and Techniques (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 341: Newspaper Reporting (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 343: Broadcast News (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 344: Photojournalism Reporting (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 345: Sports Journalism Writing (3 cr.)
  •     JOUR-J 360: Journalism Specialties (contact advisor for applicable topics)
  •     JOUR-J 361: Issues in Sports Journalism (3 cr.)
  •     SOC-R 351: Social Science Research Methods (3 cr.)
  •     AFRO-A 303: Topics in African American and African Diaspora Studies: Sport, Culture, and African Americans (3 cr.)
  •     AMST-A 303: Topics in American Studies (specific topics only-see MSPT advisor) (3 cr.)
  •     ECON-E 307: Current Economic Issues: Economics of Sport (3 cr.)
  •     HIST-A 421: Topics in United States History: History of Sports, Recreation, and Leisure (3 cr.)
  •     WOST-W 300: Topics in Women’s Studies: Women in Sport (3 cr.)
  •     KINE-P 392: Sport in American Society

    See Motorsports Studies Director for other School of Liberal Arts courses that may also count. 

Business and Motorsports Emphasis (3 courses from the list below):

  •     MSTE-31200: Business of Motorsports (if already completed MSTE 27200) (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-F 200: Foundations of Financial Management (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-F 300: Introduction to Financial Management (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-M 200: Marketing and Society: A Look at Roles and Responsibilities (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-M 300: Introduction to Marketing (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-P 200: Foundations of Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-P 300: Introduction to Operations Management (3 cr.)
  •     BUS-W 200: Introduction to Business Management (3 cr.)
  •     ENG-W 231: Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.)

    See Motorsports Studies Director for other Business or SPEA courses that may also count. 

Sport and Event Management Emphasis (3 courses from the list below):

  •     ENG-W 231: Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-E 104: Principles of Event Tourism (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-H 205: Facilities Operations (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 211: Introduction to Sport Management (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-E 219: Management of Sports Events (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 301: Selling in the Sport Industry (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-E 304: Mechanics of Event Planning (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-H 305: Food & Beverage Operations (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-G 315: Economics of Tourism & Events (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-T 319: Sports Tourism Development (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 332: Management Principles in Sport (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 411: Legal Issues in Sport Settings (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 415: Sports Promotions and Public Relations (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 418: Sports Marketing (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-S 423: Financial Principles of Sport (3 cr.)
  •     TESM-G 499: Event Tourism Analysis (3 cr.)