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Health Communication

PhD Minor in Health Communication

The Department of Communication Studies is excited to offer a new PhD minor in Health Communication! Health communication is a rapidly growing field that contributes to the knowledge of and improvement in delivery of healthcare. Important work focuses on areas such as patient advocacy, empowerment, and activation; patient-provider communication; shared decision-making; patient-caregiver communication; successful transfers of care among clinicians; communicative approaches to reducing healthcare disparities; and addressing clinician burnout. The work of health communication scholarship adds unique and important dimensions to the study of healthcare and its delivery in a variety of fields, including public health, nursing, psychology, biomedical informatics, rehabilitation science, and other disciplines.


The PhD Minor in Health Communication consists of 12 hours of courses.

Two courses are required: COMM-C 592: Advanced Health Communication, and COMM-C 500: Advanced Communication Theory.

Students select two electives including:

  • COMM-C 695: Communication and Healthcare
  • COMM-C 650: Health Communication Media
  • COMM-C 510: Health Provider-Consumer Communication
  • COMM-C 591: Topics/Seminar in Applied Communication (rotating seminar topics)