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Certificate Programs
Intergroup Dialogue Certificate
The Certificate in Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) is a 12 credit hour undergraduate certificate. Students can complete course requirements within three to four semesters.  Curriculum for the Certificate in Intergroup Dialogue will include the following requirements and list of course offerings:


  1. Completion of a total of 12 credit hours (4 courses), with a minimum grade of C in each course and an overall 2.0 GPA in the certificate coursework.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 9 credits at IUPUI
  3. No more than 3 credit hours may transfer from another institution.
  4. The Category A, B, and D courses are required to be completed at IUPUI.
  5. Students who wish to declare the certificate offered through the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI must complete at least one 3 credit hour course that if offered through the School of Liberal Arts.
A. One 3-credit hour general education course that is dialogue intensive and incorporates the four-stage intergroup dialogue teaching model. The following courses illustratively will satisfy this requirement. List may be updated by the certificate director:
 COMM-C 282: Let's Talk: Communicating Across Social Identities
 COMM-C 180: Interpersonal Communication (dialogue-intensive sections only)
 NAIS-N 101: Introduction to Native American & Indigenous Studies
 OLS 252: Human Behavior in Organizations
 SPEA-J 101: America Criminal Justice System
 SPEA-J 260: Topics in Criminal Justice
 SPEA-J 275: Diversity Issues in the Criminal Justice System
 SWK-S 102: Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
 SWK-S 141: Introduction to Social Work
 SWK-S 221: Human Growth and Development in the Social Environment
 TCM 18000: Intercultural Technical Communication
B. One 3-credit hour course focused on leadership development and communication skills and designed to train students to facilitate dialogues for other students.  The following illustrative courses will satisfy the requirement. List may be updated by the certificate director:
 COMM-C 382: Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation Training
 TCM 38500: Co-Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue with Peers in Technical CommunicationSettings

C. One 3-credit hour course to provide students additional context in social identity and diversity issues relevant to their chosen fields.  
D. One 3-credit 400-level capstone course to guide students as trained facilitators of dialogues in general education “dialogue intensive” courses for their peers.
  • COMM-G300 (IGD Certificate Capstone course section only)
  • COMM-G499: Research Seminar (IGD Capstone section)
  • TCM 49900 (IGD Capstone section) 

(Prerequistes for this course are Category A and Category B.)

+Note:  If pursuing a COMM major, can share all four classes—Category A, B, C and D—with the Communication Studies major towards Communication Studies electives only.  The IGD Capstone may only apply towards the IGD certificate; it cannot be used to satisfy the Communication Studies major Capstone.