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Intercultural Health Certificate

The purpose of the Intercultural Health Certificate is to enhance the knowledge and clinical skills of nurses, public healthcare providers, and other health professionals by promoting an awareness of intercultural relationships. The four-semester program will provide a curriculum that incorporates language proficiency levels in tracks in Chinese (Mandarin), French, or Spanish at the 300 and 400 levels for undergraduates, combined with a focus on core nursing, public health, and other health science skills that include clinical laboratory and human patient simulation experiences in a bilingual setting.

The certificate in Intercultural Health will prepare students in health field areas to become leaders in the service of international and intercultural community members. The preparation includes cultural and linguistic skills, as well as exposure to local and global health issues. IUPUI proposes this program due to a need for such providers in order to offer optimal healthcare to the immigrant and refugee populations.

Student who earn the certificate in Intercultural Health will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate an intermediate to advanced language proficiency level in the target language.
  • Demonstrate the use of medical vocabulary in a realistic context when working with patients.
  • Locate appropriate language resources for information to give to patients.
  • Explain the relationship between the cultural background, worldviews and perspectives on health. of patients and their own
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide patients with culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare services.
  • Operate with civility in a complex world

certificate in Intercultural Health requires satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • Minimum GPA for entry into the program is 3.0.
  • Complete 18 credit hours as prescribed below

Certificate Requirements:

Foreign language writing course or elective (3 cr.)-choose one:

  • Native or heritage speakers-
    • Spanish-SPAN-S 318
    • Chinese-no track for heritage speakers
    • French-FREN-F328, FREN-F330, FREN-F336, FREN-F402
  • Non-native speakers-
    • Spanish-SPAN-S 313
    • Chinese-EALC-C 301, EALC-C 302, EALC-C 401, EALC-C 402, EALC-C 495
    • French- FREN-F 328, FREN-F 330, FREN-F 336 or FREN-F 402

Foreign language conversation course (3 cr.)-choose one:

  • Native or heritage speakers-take another foreign culture course in you language of choice
    • Spanish-SPAN-S 319
    • Chinese- no track for heritage speakers
    • French-take an additional course from the writing course list or from the culture course list
  • Non-native speakers:
    • Spanish-SPAN-S 317
    • Chinese-EALC-C 301, EALC-C 302, EALC-C 401, EALC-C 402, EALC-C 495
    • French-FREN-F 315, FREN-F 331, FREN-F 380 or FREN-F 480

Foreign language medical terms course (3 cr.)-choose one:

  • Spanish-SPAN-S 319 or SPAN-S429
  • Chinese-Traditional Chinese Perspectives on Human Body and Health Maintenance (course is in development)
  • French-FREN-F 334 or FREN-F 434

Foreign Culture Class (3 cr.)-choose one:

  • Spanish-SPAN-S 363, SPAN-S 411, SPAN-S 412
  • Chinese-EALC-E-334, EALC-E 335, EALC-E 396
  • French-FREN-F 300, FREN-F 307, FREN-F 350, FREN-F 360, FREN-F 453, FREN-F 430, FREN-F 341, FREN-F 352 or FREN-F452, FREN-F 326 or FREN-F451, FREN-F 391 or FREN-F 460

Global Health Issues or cultural competency equivalent (3 cr.):

  • PBHL-H 330: Global Public Health
  • PBHL-S 340: Cultural Considerations in the Promotion of Health
  • NURS-B 334: Translational Care of Families and Populations
  • NURS-B 444: Current Trends in Global Health Nursing
  • NURS-K 434: Global Health Issues
  • NURS-K 492: Contemporary Global Health Issues in Nursing

Healthcare clinical, service learning, or related internship* (3 cr.):

  • PBHL-H 380: Health Service Management Internship
    *or equivalent IU approved overseas program