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3D Graphics and Animation Minor

The undergraduate minor in 3D Graphics and Animation enables students to design, model, texture, animate, light, and render 3D computer animated creatures, characters, props, scenery, and artifacts. Students learn the process from preproduction, to production, to postproduction for films, videogames, environments, motion graphics, commercial graphics, visual stories, scientific simulation, 3D printing, and virtual and augmented reality. Students develop production quality projects with advanced aesthetics using the entire 3D production pipeline.

Plan of Study


The minor requires knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, which may be demonstrated by test, portfolio, credential, or by taking a course that cover Photoshop, such as CGT 11700 Illustrating for Visualization and Communication, CGT 21100 Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics, or NEWM N102 Digital Media Imagery.

Required Courses (15 cr.)

Students must earn a C or higher in each course to graduate with the 3D Graphics and Animation minor.

Admissions and Advising

The minor is open to IUPUI students in any major except Computer Graphics Technology and Media Arts and Science. Media Arts and Science students may pursue the 3D Graphics and Animation specialization instead.

Email Jill Mathews at jilmathe@iupui.edu to declare the 3D Graphics and Animation minor. For academic advising, contact the advisors for the minor at soicindy@iupui.edu or 317-278-4636.


Last updated: 04/24/2018