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Undergraduate Requirements

Beginning Students

Students entering IUPUI directly from high school should file their applications for admission early in their senior year.

Acceptance to the university as a new student is influenced by several factors. The Undergraduate Admissions Center is guided by the following:
  • The applicant should be a high school graduate or be scheduled to graduate before enrolling at IUPUI.
  • The extent to which the student meets or exceeds the minimum subject requirements indicated below is considered. For admission to the School of Science, the student’s record should include the following course work:
Subjects Semesters
English 8
History and Social Science 6
Algebra 4
Geometry 2
Trigonometry 1-2
Laboratory Science 6 (including chemistry and biology)

Combination of foreign language, additional mathematics, laboratory  science, social science, or computer science courses


Applicants to the School of Science are strongly encouraged to complete AP science and mathematics courses if available at their high school. Applicants considering majors in physics or chemistry are encouraged to complete a calculus course in high school.

In planning high school electives, the curricula of the various departments of the School of Science contained in this bulletin should be reviewed. Departmental advisors will be glad to help with planning for admission.
  • All applicants are required to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). IUPUI requires that the writing section of the test also be completed. It is recommended that these tests be taken in the spring of the junior year in high school or fall of the senior year.

The Undergraduate Admissions Center will examine the applicant's high school transcript and standardized test scores to determine both admission to the university and acceptance to the School of Science.

Students should declare a major when applying for admission so a departmental advisor can be assigned.