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Student Learning Outcomes
Latino Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the theoretical approaches to Latino Studies
  • Develop the ability to relate Latino Studies to other disciplines
  • Increase students’ confidence in their ability to function within Latino communities and abroad
  • Develop knowledge of and respect for other cultures
  • Be more competitive in a globalized job market that demands a broad skill set

A minor in Latino Studies will allow students to examine significant issues in this field under the supervision of a group of experts and also reinforce this learning with materials from the IUPUI and IU libraries. The latter being one of the most impressive libraries in the country. In addition, students will broaden their perspectives through participation in civic engagement activities, study abroad programs in Latin America, and exposure to the cultural and artistic products of Latinos. As importantly, connections with the Center on Philanthropy, the Payton Philanthropic Studies Library, and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs will prepare students for work in the non-profit sector.