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Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (B.A.)

Upon graduation, communication studies majors will possess the knowledge, skills, and ability to explain, apply and evaluate communication phenomena. Specifically students will be able to:        

1.  Explain that communication is:    

1A. A process
1B. Grounded in context       
1C. Inherently reflexive

2.  Apply communication concepts toward a better understanding of self, other, and community.                              

2A. Engage in mindful listening        
2B. Demonstrate audience-centeredness       
2C. Demonstrate critical understanding of personal communication style
2D. Demonstrate critical understanding of others' communication styles
2E. Manage/resolve communication conflict 
2F. Paraphrase the perspective of the other (including cross-culture)
2G. Communicate in a civically engaged manner     

3.  Employ a critical framework for constructing and evaluating messages across contexts.

3A. Use communication theory to create effective messages across contexts
3B. Use communication theory to recommend practical solutions to communication problems
3C. Evaluate messages across contexts using methodological criteria
3D. Practice critical consumption of symbol use       
3E. Practice responsible/ethical communication across contexts       

Human Comunication in a Mediated World

The general objectives unique to this Certificate are the students will:

  • Understand and apply traditional and mediated communication theories in organizational, intercultural, interpersonal, persuasive, and mass media communication contexts (PUL 2, 3, 4).  
  • Examine, understand and apply communication processes and strategies in computer-mediated environments (PUL 1, 3).
  • Examine the relationships between and among traditional and mediated communication contexts, considering how the medium itself impacts the communication theories, processes, and strategies involved (PUL 2, 3, 4).

The specific outcomes unique to this Certificate are:

  • Students will be able to examine, analyze, and evaluate the impact of interacting between and among mediated and face-to-face communication contexts and processes.

Certificate in Theatre and Performance

Students completing the Theatre and Performance certificate program will achieve the following:

  • Create a performance which demonstrates an understanding of performance art.
  • Exhibit competence in the analysis of performance.
  • Work effectively with other artists and practitioners.