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Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Arts in German (B.A.)

Students completing the German B.A. program will achieve the following:

  • Know
  • structure of German (sound system, word and sentence structure) and its differences with the English language;
  • main cultural manifestations of the language in literature, film and social practices; and
  • main differences between contemporary German social structures and institutions and their own.
  • Understand
  • the nature of language itself as a socially and historically created system of communication;
  • the importance of critical thinking when examining other cultures and comparing them with one's own;
  • the major historical and cultural events and movements that have contributed to shaping contemporary Germany and the other German-speaking countries; and
  • the connections between language studies (language, literature, culture and translation) with other disciplines.
  • Be able to
  • apply German in all areas of language usage (writing, reading, listening, speaking) at the Advanced Low level of proficiency as defined by the ACTFL proficiency guidelines;
  • apply the knowledge of the language system and culture to function effectively in professional, academic, and intercultural settings at home and abroad;
  • apply critical thinking in analyzing language, literature and cultural products and practices; and
  • interact with diverse language communities here and abroad in culturally sensitive ways.