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Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Arts in French (B.A.)

Students completing the French B.A. program will achieve the following:

  • Know
  • the structural rules underlying the French language;
  • the French sound system and the phonetic rules that govern oral performance;
  • how to recognize and interpret major French literary, philosophical, historical, and artistic works, genres, periods, and topics; and
  • how to recognize and appreciate ethnic, social, cultural, historical, and value-based diversity from examples provided by the Francophone world.
  • Understand
  • the nature of language itself as well as one's own language as a socially and historically created system of communication;
  • the importance of critical thinking when examining other cultures and comparing them to one's own;
  • the value of different methods of study of languages and cultures; and
  • the linguistic evolution of the French language and its regional and social variations.
  • Be able to
  • use French for conversational, professional, and academic purposes at the Advanced Low level of proficiency as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages;
  • communicate in a culturally appropriate manner;
  • read and understand texts written in French from a variety of genres and contexts, (e.g. newspapers, commercial materials, literature, etc);
  • write in French in various contexts and for various audiences, using correct grammar;
  • conduct research on the language, literature, and/or culture of France and the French-speaking world; and
  • demonstrate familiarity with current events, traditional and popular culture, and structures of the society/societies in which French is spoken.