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Women's Studies

Minor in Women's Studies

The Women’s Studies Program at IUPUI provides undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a sequence of courses in a growing academic discipline —the study of women and their changing role in society. The program is interdisciplinary because women’s experiences encompass the full range of human activity, and separate disciplines offer unique starting points in interpreting these experiences.

The importance of women’s studies lies both in its interdisciplinary approach and in the timely opportunity it offers for the study of issues long neglected by scholarship.  Completion of the Women’s Studies Program may provide an additional basis for pursuing future training in law, psychology, history, literature, or public or business administration in areas related to women. For students who do not continue professional or graduate training in an academic discipline, specializing in women’s studies may provide a useful background in careers that focus on concerns of women, such as paralegal and probation work, secondary and elementary school counseling, journalism, and community agency service.

A minor in Women’s Studies (WOST) requires satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • completion of properly distributed credit hour requirements for the baccalaureate degree in effect when the student was admitted to their home school,
  • completion of 16 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course,
  • to declare the minor, complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form: https://liberalarts.iupui.edu/updatemajor/

Minor Requirements:

  • WOST-W 105: Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 cr.)

12 credits in Women’s Studies or cross listed classes chosen with director approval (divided between the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and/ or other), see list below

  • WOST-W 499: Senior Colloquium in Women’s Studies (1 cr.)

Choose twelve credit hours (12 cr.) from the following courses:

  • AFRO-A 303: Topics in African American and African Diaspora Studies: Deconstructing Barbie*
  • AFRO-A 303: Topics in African American and African Diaspora Studies: Women of the African Diaspora*
  • AMST-A 303: Topics in American Studies: Gender and Family in American Culture*
  • ANTH-E 391: Women in Developing Countries
  • ANTH-E 403: Women of Color in the U.S.
  • BIOL-N 200: Biology of Women
  • COMM-C 395: Gender and Communication
  • COMM-R 350: Women Speak: American Feminist Rhetoric
  • ECON-E 307: Current Economic Issues: Family Economics Issues*
  • ENG-L 207: Women and Literature
  • ENG-L 378: Studies in Women and Literature: Literature of Domesticity*
  • ENG-L 406: Topics in African American Literature: Caribbean Women Writers*
  • ENG-L 440: Senior Seminar in English and American Literature: Austen and Wharton*
  • ENG-L 553: Studies in Literature: 19th Century American Fiction by Women*
  • FILM-C 390: The Film and Society: Woman and Film*
  • FOLK-F 363 Women’s Folklore, Folklife, and Music
  • HER-H 304: Advanced Topics in Art History: Gender & Power in African Art*
  • HER-H 304: Advanced Topics in Art History: Women in Art*
  • HER-H 400: Topics and Methods in Art History: Feminism and Art: History, Philosophy and Practice*
  • HIST-A 341: U.S. Women’s History I
  • HIST-A 342: U.S. Women’s History II
  • HIST-B 421: Topics in European History: Women in Medieval Europe*
  • HIST-B 421: Topics in European History: Women in Europe, 1500-Present*
  • HIST-H 509: Special Topics in European History: Women in Europe, 1500-Present*
  • HPER-F 255: Human Sexuality
  • JOUR-J 475: Race, Gender and the Media
  • LSTU-L 290: Sexual Harassment*
  • LSTU-L 385: Class, Race, Gender and Work
  • LSTU-L 390: Topics in Labor Studies: Women and Development*
  • MUS-Z 320: Special Topics in Music: Women Musicians*
  • NURS-G 553: Advanced Nursing of Women and Families
  • OLS 45400: Gender and Diversity in Management
  • PHIL-P 367: Philosophy and Art
  • PHIL-P 394: Feminist Philosophy
  • POLS-Y 324: Women and Politics
  • POLS-Y 380: Selected Topics in Democratic Government: Women and the Law*
  • PSY-B 376: The Psychology of Women
  • REL-R 301: Women and Religion
  • REL-R 398: Women in American Indian Religions
  • SOC-R 321: Women and Health
  • SOC-R 325: Gender and Society
  • SOC-R 495: Topics in Sociology: Lesbigay Sociology
  • SOC-R425: Gender & Work
  • SPEA-V 260: Topics in Public Affairs: Sex and Public Policy
  • WLAC-F 400: Islam, Gender, and Conflicts
  • WOST-W 300: Topics in Women’s Studies: Women and the Law
  • WOST-W 300: Topics in Women’s Studies: Feminism and Art: History, Philosophy and Practice