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The minor in professional and digital writing helps prepare students for the communicative demands of their future careers, focusing on the kinds of writing practiced across a range of contexts and in a variety of media.

These courses will guide students into a deeper understanding of writing and composing practices and provide authentic writing experiences.

A minor in Professional and Digital Writing (ENG) requires satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory progress toward completion of the baccalaureate degree in the student’s home school.
  • Completion of 15 credit hours in Writing and Literacy courses, with a 2.5 or higher grade point average in the 15 credit hours of the minor and a minimum grade of C in each course in the minor.
  • At least 9 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level.
  • 10 credit hours must be in the English department; only one course may be shared between the major and minor.
  • Work with a Writing and Literacy faculty advisor in planning your courses; contact Professor Steve Fox, Director of Writing, sfox@iupui.edu for a list of those faculty and for more information
  • to declare the minor, complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form: https://liberalarts.iupui.edu/updatemajor/.

Gateway Courses (3 Cr.):
Choose one course from the following: 

ENG-W 231: Professional Writing ( P: ENG-W 131)
ENG-W 210: Literacy and Public Life 
In some cases, an equivalent course may be substituted if approved by the Director of Writing.

Professional Writing Electives (3 Cr.):
Choose one course from the following:

ENG-W 210: Literacy and Public Life if not already taken as gateway
ENG-W 230: Writing in the Sciences
ENG-W 231: Professional Writing if not already taken as gateway
ENG-W 326: Writing Nonfiction: Preparing for Publication
ENG-W 331: Business and Administrative Writing 
ENG-W 365: Theories and Practices of Editing 
ENG-W 377: Writing for Social Change 
ENG-W 390: Topics in Writing as approved, including Medical Writing 
ENG-W 398: Writing Internship: The News Bureau 
ENG-W 426: Writing Nonfiction: Popular and Professional Publication

Digital Composing Electives (3 Cr.):
Choose one course from the following:

ENG-W 315: Writing for the Web
ENG-W 318: Finding your E-Voice
ENG-W 367: Writing for Multiple Media 
ENG-W 412: Technology and Literacy

Additional Electives (6 Cr.):
Choose two courses from either list above and/or the following:

ENG-W 262: Style and Voice for Writers
ENG-W 270: Argumentative Writing 
ENG-W 312: Writing Biography
ENG-W 313: The Art of Fact: Writing Nonfiction Prose
ENG-W 320: Advanced Writing in the Arts and Sciences
ENG-W 366: Written Englishes: Living Cultural Realities
ENG-W 390: Topics in Writing
ENG-W 400: Issues in Teaching Writing 
ENG-W 496: Writing Tutor Training Seminar (P: ENG-W 131 and permission of instructor)
ENG-E 498: Internship
ENG-Z 204: Rhetorical Issues in Grammar and Usage