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Bachelor's Degree Programs
Communication Studies

Major in Communication Studies

Communication Studies course work assists students in enhancing such competencies as critical inquiry, problem solving, media and message design, oral performance, relational interaction, and cultural communication. The Communication Studies curriculum provides a foundation for students interested in pursuing careers that apply communication principles, such as public relations, sales, marketing, video or film production, corporate media production, training and development, human resources, public affairs, consulting, and special events planning. In addition, it prepares students for graduate work in various areas, including communication, informatics, humanities, or social sciences, or in professional programs such as law, business, health, and social work.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communication Studies (COMM) requires satisfactory completion of the following:

  • completion of a total of 33 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course,
  • at least 15 credit hours in the major must be in courses at the 300 level or above,
  • at least 3 credit hours each in three of the four areas which are designated by the prefixes C, M, R, & T,
  • COMM-R 110 may not count toward the major,
  • no more than 12 credit hours may transfer,
  • at least 21 credit hours of the major coursework must be in courses offered solely or cooperatively by the Communication Studies Department,
  • a total of 9 credits of G 300: Independent Study and G 491: Internship may count toward the major.

Major Requirements: 

Core Courses (9 hours)       

  • COMM-G 100: Introduction to Communication Studies 3 hours
  • COMM-G 201: Introduction to Communication Theory 3 hours
  • COMM-G 310: Introduction to Communication Research 3 hours

Capstone Experience (3 hours)

  • COMM-G 480: Senior Capstone in Communication Studies 3 hours

Major Elective courses (21 hours)

The remaining 21 hours may be selected from any of the courses offered in Communication Studies, as long as departmental degree requirements are met. Students are strongly encouraged to develop their plan of study in consultation with their academic advisor and department mentor early to ensure a coherent program which meets their goals.

Communication Studies Undergraduate Honors Degree Requirements

A list of Communication Studies courses approved for H-Options is available in the Honors Program office or in the main department office. Other courses may be arranged by departmental approval. Students graduating with departmental honors will receive a certificate and a letter of acknowledgment.