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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Major in German

The IUPUI German program trains students to achieve linguistic proficiency and intercultural competency in German. Linguistic proficiency is the ability to communicate orally and in writing about subjects of common knowledge in the target language. A step-by-step systematic progression of language courses aids students to achieve fluency in German and allows them later to concentrate on chosen areas of linguistic specialization.

To gain intercultural competency, students acquire a solid knowledge of contemporary life in the German speaking countries and learn to compare their institutions, customs, and mentalities with contemporary U.S. culture. Students also gain intercultural competency through critical knowledge of the historical and cultural movements and personalities that have had the most impact on contemporary culture in the German-speaking countries, especially Germany.

In addition, all students in the program have the option to study in Germany or Austria for a limited or extended period of time, or to gain practical career experience in business or technology by working as an intern overseas or in a local international corporation.

Courses in German not only broaden students’ cultural horizons by giving them immediate access to a key region of central Europe, but also prepare students for a variety of careers in international business communication, translation, travel, education, and technology exchange. By combining the study of another discipline with specialization in German, students can also prepare more thoroughly and adequately for interdisciplinary graduate studies.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in German (GER) requires satisfactory completion of the following:

  • completion of general education and distribution requirements as indicated in the School of Liberal Arts section of the IUPUI bulletin that was current when the student declared a major in German.
  • completion of a total of 29 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course.
  • Completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours in the German major at IUPUI (effective Fall 2015).

Major Requirements:

  • GER-G 203: Second Year German I (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 204: Second Year German II (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 300: Third Year German I (3 cr.)~fall only

Contemporary culture course

  • GER-G 365: Deutsche Kultur Heute (3 cr.)

400-level historical culture and literature course,

choose one of the following:

  • GER-G 407: Knights, God, and the Devil (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 408: Love, Nature, and the Age of Romanticism (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 409: German Myths, Fairy Tales, and Social Transformation (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 409: Jahrhundert: Kultur and Literatur (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 410: Jahrhundert: Kultur and Literatur (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 490: Das deutsche Kolloquium (3 cr.)

400 level language course, choose at least one of the following:

  • GER-G 401: Deutsche Kultur in Amerika (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 423: The Craft of Translation (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 431: Advanced Business German (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 445: Oberstufe: Grammatik (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 465: Oberstufe: Kommunikation (3 cr.)

Capstone: Portfolio

  • GER-G 498: Individual Studies in German (1-6 cr.)

Other courses may also be selected on the basis of placement level by test or course work, and/or focus of interest. They include all 200-, 300-, 400- level courses, except courses taught in English.  Besides those listed previously, other courses include:

  • GER-G 303: Deutsch: Mittelstufe I (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 304: Deutsch: Mittelstufe II (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 331: Business German I (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 333: German Translation Practice (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 340: Deutsch: Schreiben und Sprechen (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 355: Theater Spielen (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 371: Der deutsche Film (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 493: Internship in German (1-6 cr.)

Program for International Engineering

Students majoring in biomedical, mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering can also earn an applied German major. German language requirements and some School of Liberal Arts requirements are modified for this major. The dual degree program takes five years to complete and includes a one-semester internship in Germany during the fourth year of study. Students may formally enter into the program after completion of the Freshmen Engineering program. For further information, contact the director of the Program in German and refer to the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology section of this bulletin.

Teacher Certification for Secondary School

Teaching certification can be required after completion of the B.A. degree with a major in German through successful completion of the Transition-to-Teaching Program in the School of Education. Please contact the School of Education regarding details and the application process.