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Student Learning Outcomes
Certificate in Professional Editing

Students completing the Professional Editing certificate will:

  • Know the techniques and consequences of traditional editing procedures, learn how corrupted texts of the past can be recovered and disseminated for readers today, and explore how these procedures are evolving in reaction to the rapidly changing technical communications environment of the information age.
  • Understand that editing is an historical discipline.
  • Be able to examine how texts have been edited in the past;
  • Be able to recognize the steps involved in editorial procedures, analyze and categorize the various types of errors that are the result of hand press and machine press printing;
  • Be able to demonstrate their understanding of book production by writing analytical and descriptive bibliographies, reconstruct textual genealogies of the transmission of a work, evaluate current editions of the same work; and
  • Be able to discern what paradigms of editing held sway in different historical periods, analyze and respond to arguments about the best ways to present to the modern reader both public and private documents of historical significance, and design ways to present and preserve document quality in electronic environments