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Master of Science in Taxation (M.S.T.) - Student Learning Outcomes

Student who earn the M.S.T. will achieve the following program goals:

  1. Taxation Knowledge and Skills

    Graduates should possess advanced knowledge of the tax laws as they affect individuals, business entities and nonprofit organizations (e.g., corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and tax-exempt organizations). Their knowledge should include exposure to not only federal tax concerns but also those relating to state, local and international taxation. Graduates should understand the practical tax implications surrounding common situations and be capable of effectively analyzing tax issues and formulating solutions.

  1. Tax Research

    Graduates should be capable of formulating defensibly correct solutions to tax problems based on analysis of the relevant tax authority, including the law and administrative and judicial interpretation of the law.

  1. Written and Oral Communication Skills

    Students should be able to communicate effectively verbally and should be able to effectively communicate tax research findings and advocate positions in writing.

  1. Taxation in a Global Context

    Students should understand the role of taxation as it relates to accounting, finance, business, economics, government and politics.

  1. Critical Thinking

    Graduates will have the ability to analyze, integrate and communicate complex, tax and financial information to arrive at reasoned conclusions and make informed decisions. They will be able to solve challenging problems by evaluating the logic, validity, and relevance of data. They will be able to recognize issues and raise concerns regarding potential problem situations.

  1. Social and Interpersonal Interaction Skills

    Students should be able to work effectively and efficiently within a team.