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Events Management Certificate (IU)
The Events Management Certificate offered in the Department of Tourism, Conventions and Event Management (TCEM) attracts students pursuing careers in corporate, non-profit/fundraising, social/special, cultural, or sports events.  In addition to courses offered through TCEM, students can select from a number of related specialty courses from the Kelley School of Business (BUS), the Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS), School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), School of Journalism (JOUR), and the Department of Museum Studies (MSTD) to explore the many different aspects of event management.

The Events Management Certificate may be pursued as a stand-alone degree or combined with an associate's or bachelor's degree*.  This certificate is open to all IUPUI students, regardless of major.  The Events Management Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the courses listed below with a passing grade and a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

*If you are a current IUPUI student who wants to pursue the Events Management Certificate, please complete the TCEM Admission Application at http://petm.iupui.edu/join_us.  If you are not a current IUPUI student, please visit http://enroll.iupui.edu to find out how to apply to the Events Management Certificate program.

Required Courses (10 credit hours)

  • TCEM-E 104 Principles of Event Management (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-E 304 Mechanics of Event Planning (P:  TCEM-E 104) (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-E 404 Event Production (P:  TCEM-E 304) (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-C 387* Industry Internship (1 cr.)

*100 hours.  Must attend pre-internship info meeting and submit/obtain TCEM approval of internship proposal before starting internship.  Internship meeting dates will be emailed out via the TCEM listserv.  To subscribe to the TCEM listserv, send a request to tcemdept@iupui.edu.

Elective Courses--Select 3 (9 credit hours)

Below are recommended electives based on individual interests.  However, any combination of courses will count toward completion of certificate.

Social/Cultural/Special Events

  • TCEM-E 210 Special Event Management (P:  TCEM-E 104) (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-G 299 Special Topics in Tourism:  Wedding Industry (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-T 234 Cultural Heritage Tourism (3 cr.)
  • MSTD-A 101 Understanding Museums (3 cr.)

Sports Events

  • TCEM-E 219 Management of Sports Events (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-G 299 Special Topics (if applicable) (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-T 329 Tourism Sports Marketing (3 cr.)

Association/Non-Profit/Fundraising Events

  • TCEM-E 477 Non-profit Meeting Management (P:  TCEM-E 104) (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-V 221 Nonprofit and Volunteer Sector (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-V 362 Nonprofit Management and Leadership (3 cr.)
  • JOUR-J 431 Public Relations for Nonprofits (3 cr.)
  • PHST-P 301 The History of and Contemporary Approaches to Philanthropy (3 cr.)

Corporate Meetings/Business Events

  • TCEM-H 371 Convention Sales and Service (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-E 377 Exhibit Marketing (3 cr.)
  • TCEM-E 471 International Meeting Planning (P:  TCEM-E 304) (3 cr.)
  • OLS-42300 Go Green (3 cr.)

Total:  19 credit hours