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Urban Studies
The minor in urban studies offers students an opportunity to develop a well-rounded and basic understanding of the components of urban life and of the forces that are shaping its future. Further, it provides students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the major factors that not only have contributed to the present but will also affect the future of the physical, internal, and social structure of our cities and metropolitan areas.

To achieve this goal, the minor in urban studies is interdisciplinary. In such a program, the student approaches the complexity of urban life from the perspective of economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, and anthropology.

To complete the minor, the student must successfully complete 15 credit hours in School of Liberal Arts urban studies courses. The student may count any combination of approved urban studies courses toward the minor as long as no more than two courses are in the same department. The following courses are acceptable as urban studies courses.
  • Anthropology E380 Urban Anthropology (3 cr.)
  • Economics E323 Urban Economics (3 cr.)
  • Geography G314 Urban Geography (3 cr.)
  • History A347 American Urban History (3 cr.)
  • Political Science Y308 Urban Politics (3 cr.)
  • Sociology R329 Urban Sociology (3 cr.)
  • Sociology R330 Community (3 cr.)