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Design Production Minor

The Design Production Minor will provide students with a focused course of study to develop skills and basic understandings specific to applied visual communication design and related design professions. This minor will offer students fundamental skills in core areas of applied design such as typography, visual narrative, print production and design for the web. The minor aims to develop a level of technical proficiency in order to give students a professional introduction from which they can progress to more advanced understandings of applied design.  Students will gain an understanding of professional craftsmanship and excellence, whether work is produced by hand or by digital means. This minor will serve students who desire an opportunity to develop marketable skills that complement their primary major, whether in Fine Arts or in other degree programs outside of Herron. The minor is not an option for Visual Communication Design majors.


The Design Production minor is open to all IUPUI students. Students intending to pursue the minor should contact Herron Admissions and Student Services to register, review the requirements, and plan their program of study.


18 credits total

Required Courses:

12 credits / 5 courses

  • HER-V 211 Typography

  • HER-L210 Design for the Web

  • HER-V301 Print Production

  • HER V302 Digital Production

              (V301 and V302 must be taken in same semester)

  • HER-V311 Type and Image (prerequisite V211)

Choose 6 credits/ 2 courses from the following:

  • HER-K201 Photography 1

  • HER-G203 Silkscreen Printing

  • HER-G206 Bookbinding

  • HER-G208 Letterpress Typesetting

  • HER-K211 Intro to Electronic Media

  • HER-A205 Intro to Illustration I

  • HER-Y201 Designing for Hybrid Spaces

Only courses completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher will count toward the minor.


Last update: March 2016