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Book Arts Minor

The minor in book arts offers a comprehensive course of study to disciplines for which text, narrative and visuals are relevant in relation to tactile structure, interactivity and presentation. Course work is committed to developing excellence in work by hand as well as expressive and conceptual skills. Finding synergies between disciplines is an important aspect of artist books as well as complementing the digital world with unique objects, that can creatively problem solve. The minor consists of a 15 credit hour course of study that focuses on book bindings and technical processes as they relate to artists’ books and/or sculptural paper, handmade paper production, methods of typesetting and image development within the book environment, as well as the role of book arts in the contemporary art and print market. Goal is to build technical skills and conceptual maturity for advanced and professional work in the medium and work in a wide variety of professions related to the book arts.


The Book Arts minor is open to all IUPUI students. Students intending to pursue the minor should contact Herron Admissions and Student Services to register, review the requirements, and plan their program of study.


15 credits total

Required core courses:

9 credits/3 courses (Courses are open to all iupui students.)

  • HER-G 206 Bookbinding
  • HER-G 208 Letterpress Typesetting
  • HER-G 308 The Visual Book
  • HER-G 310 The Printed Book
  • HER-G211 Book Arts Basics


Paper technologies:

3 credits/1 course (Courses are open to all iupui students.)

  • HER-G 210 Paper Engineering
  • HER-G209 Papermaking

Advanced Practices in Book Arts: 3 credits required

    HER-G 406  Advance Practices in Book Arts

If approved in advance by Printmaking faculty, a 300 level experiential learning internship (applicable to the RISE initiative) in the field, for example at the National Bindery in Indianapolis, or apprenticing with a local book artist, or working in the Main Library (IUPUI or IU Bloomington) book conservation lab, or in the Historical Society/IMA book conservation lab, may count as one 3-credit elective course.

Only courses completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher will count toward the minor.

Last update: March 2016