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Student Learning Outcomes

Master of Science in Chemistry (M.S.)

In addition to SLOs proposed for B.A. and B.S. students, those who graduate with a M.S. in Chemistry will be expected to:

  1. Demonstrate increased depth of understanding in most sub-disciplines of chemistry.
  2. Integrate sub-disciplines of chemistry and other disciplines as applicable in problem solving and research.
  3. Read and understand peer-reviewed chemical literature, and apply in field of study.
  4. Present and communicate results to peers through poster, seminar, and/or publishing.
  5. Identify chemical problems and design experiments to solve these problems.
  6. Teach effectively in labs or recitations in lower-level undergraduate chemistry courses.
  7. For thesis MS, propose major area of research and conduct independent research under the mentoring of a research advisor.
  8. For thesis MS, write and defend the thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (Ph.D.)

In addition to the above learning outcomes for the M.S. degree, Chemistry Ph.D. students upon graduation will be expected to:

  1. Think critically and creatively.
  2. Propose original research project and conduct this research independently, including project design, analysis, and conclusion.
  3. Demonstrate mastery of chemistry in at least one discipline of chemistry.
  4. Communicate and defend scholarly works.