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The mission of the Center for Service and Learning (CSL) is to make service an integral and distinctive aspect of the educational culture of IUPUI. As a metropolitan campus, IUPUI is well positioned to involve students, faculty, and staff in service to the local community. Fostering an ethic of service and civic participation in students who will be today’s and tomorrow’s leaders and volunteers makes the center and its programs one of IUPUI’s important bridges into the community. The CSL includes four offices: the Office of Service Learning, the Office of Community Service, the Office of Neighborhood Partnerships, and the Office of Community Work-Study.

Office of Service Learning
The Office of Service Learning (OSL) promotes both curricular and co-curricular service opportunities. Service learning involves students in community service as part of a specific course; students reflect on their experiences in order to gain further understanding of course content, a greater appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility. For listings of classes with a service learning component, check the Schedule of Classes under "Service Learning" or check in at the center's Web site http://csl.iupui.edu/.