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Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the voice of undergraduate students and a vehicle for positive improvements in student life on campus. The USG is composed of the Senate, Executive Branch and Supreme Court. The USG student body provides leadership experience and a communication network to channel the concerns and ideas of students to the most appropriate offices and individuals for action. Each school is represented by two senators, while both campus and school/program organizations is allotted one senator. Each spring, the USG conducts elections to select four officers. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are the Executive Officers. The President Pro-Tempore and Senate Committee Chairmen are also elected by the Senate.

School Councils
Each undergraduate school has some form of student group, usually a student council that represents the students in the school, determines how student activity funds are spent, and plans student activities in the school.

IUPUI Clubs and Organizations
IUPUI has over 300 student clubs and organizations representing a broad range of student interests and academic majors. Many of these groups are related to a career or field of study, while others are faith-based, focused on diversity, recreation, service, or special interests. Being involved in a club or organization allows students opportunities to meet other students and faculty/staff, to put classroom skills into practice, to serve in leadership positions, and to prepare for life experiences in a global society. Members of IUPUI clubs gather socially, engage in activities related to their fields of study, and participate in service projects, either for the campus or for the outlying community. Becoming involved in a club or organization is a great way for students to connect to the campus. To start a new student organization, students need to have a minimum of three members, a faculty or staff advisor, and a constitution. A complete listing of currently active clubs and organizations may be obtained online at life.iupui.edu/ccl.

Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB)
SAPB is dedicated to planning campus wide activities that meet the diverse interests of the IUPUI community. Students can have fun while meeting new people and gaining leadership and organizational skills. Students have the opportunity to choose and present programming for other students, such as hosting speakers, showing films, or planning dances, or outings, and other events just for fun.

Democracy Plaza (DP)
Located under the BS building, Democracy Plaza is a chalkboard structure that promotes free speech and expression.  DP is managed by student leaders who compose weekly questions that are posted on the chalkboards, and can be responded to by the IUPUI campus community.  DP is also a programming space that is used for events such as Pass the Mic, Town Hall meetings, and other civic engagement-related events.

Sagamore and Literary Publications
The Sagamore is the free, award-winning IUPUI weekly student newspaper, published each Monday during the school year. It features club events and campus activities, as well as advertising. The paper is available in Cavanaugh Hall, University College, the University Library, the Union Building, and other main locations. For more information, contact the Sagamore at (317) 274- 2954.

Genesis and Fine Print are two publications devoted to the creative work produced by IUPUI students. For more information, contact the Department of English at (317) 274-3824 or consult its Web site at http://liberalarts.iupui.edu/english.

Fraternity and Sorority Life
IUPUI is home to social fraternities and sororities, each affiliated with a national organization. These respective chapters provide a unique experience in campus life that embraces many aspects of student development. At IUPUI, fraternities and sororities emphasize scholarship, leadership, philanthropic service, and social development.

In addition to those organizations chartered on campus, a number of IUPUI students belong to city-wide chapters of National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations. Area representatives for these groups can be contacted through the Office of Student Involvement.

Intramural and Recreational Sports
Recreational sports are open to both women and men and include aerobics, aquatics, cross-country, swimming, and golf. Intramural sports include badminton, basketball, flag football, racquetball, softball, tennis, and volleyball. The School of Physical Education and Tourism Management facility provides space for both informal recreation and league play. Lockers are assigned in the Natatorium with sport passes and an additional minimal fee. The sports pass allows students to use the swimming pools (three Olympic-size pools), the world-class track stadium, the handball and racquet courts, the outdoor basketball courts, the weight room, aerobics rooms, and the Polaris room. Students also may check out equipment. Passes can be purchased by students, staff, and faculty at the Natatorium (NT) Service Desk, lower level; phone (317) 274-3518 for more information.

The department supports a comprehensive wellness program. Students may obtain general wellness information as well as fee-based services such as body fat testing, health risk appraisals, and diet analysis. For more information, contact Intramural and Recreational Sports is in the Physical Education Building 043, (317) 274-2824.

Cultural Enrichment
At IUPUI, students can engage in opportunities that allow them to explore the cultural values, traditions, practices, and issues experienced by diverse groups. Programming is offered year-round which challenges us to think more broadly about issues of diversity and social justice.

Student organizations, departments, and community groups play an integral role in the planning of cultural heritage months. Six National Cultural Heritage Months are currently recognized on campus: Latino Heritage Month in September, Pride Month in October, Native American Heritage Month in November, Black History Month in February, Women's History Month in March, and Asian Heritage Month in April.

 For more information, contact the Office of Student Involvement, Campus Center 370, (317) 274-3931, or visit life.iupui.edu/osi

Graduate Student Organization
The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) provides the graduate and professional students of IUPUI with an official and representative student government. It gives these students a voice in matters pertaining to the affairs and planning of the university, thereby enhancing their involvement with the campus. GSO works to improve the quality of graduate and professional student life. Members of GSO are elected or appointed from each academic school with a graduate or professional degree program and from the continuing nondegree students registered in the Graduate School. GSO meets monthly and sponsors the Educational Enhancement Grant to support graduate and professional students in research, training, and participation in professional conferences.