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The Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) is a consortium of 28 colleges and universities, both public and private, throughout the state, working to cultivate in students a lifelong commitment to community service and to strengthen the positive role institutions of higher education can take in their communities and in the state. Starting as a loose confederation of six institutions, ICC is one of the strongest state compacts in the nation and works closely with the National Campus Compact office, a consortium of more than 800 colleges and universities. ICC provides mini-grants to students to design and implement service projects, coordinates the statewide Indiana Reading Corps/Work-Study Program, and offers curriculum development funds for faculty. Students interested in service leadership opportunities can become involved with a variety of committees and programs. ICC is located on the IUPUI campus, at Ball Residence, Room 026, (317) 274-6500 or on the Web at www.indianacampuscompact.org.