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IUPUI Alumni Association(s) and Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR)

Graduates from the Indianapolis campus become alumni of Indiana or Purdue University and are invited to become dues-paying members of the respective alumni associations of those institutions. Members receive a variety of benefits, some of which include the alumni magazine, travel opportunities, career services, and an online alumni directory. In addition, members can participate in a variety of social or service programs. For more information on these programs and the associations, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (317) 274-8828 or visit www.alumni.iupui.edu.

The Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) is open to all students and is coordinated through the Office of Alumni Relations. Members of this organization serve as the official student ambassadors for the campus, and they stage activities such as the Career Exploration program, the Top 100 IUPUI Students program, and the Big Growl Spirit Week and banner contest.