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Jagtag is the official identification card for IUPUI and recognizes you as an active student of the campus community. Your Jagtag has many functions and features and will be the single most important card you have. During your time at IUPUI your Jagtag will be used as an:

ID Card Access Card
Payment Card Sports Rec Card
Library Card  Discount Card   
Printing Card  Meal Plan Card

The most popular feature listed above is the ability to use your Jagtag to make purchases. Jagtag is accepted at over 100 locations both on and off campus and is the convenient choice over using checks and cash. A deposit can be placed into your Jagtag account by anyone via numerous outlets including online. Once this is done you will be able to make purchases anywhere Jagtag is accepted!

As an enrolled IUPUI student your first IUPUI Jagtag is free of charge, with a $25 replacement fee thereafter! To get your Jagtag simply bring in a photo ID after you have enrolled for classes. The process takes only a few short minutes and while in the Jagtag Office make sure to look at the many discount tickets, gift cards and IndyGo bus passes that are available for purchase.

Your Jagtag will be a vital component of your everyday campus life so it is very important to make sure to always have it with you. During your years at IUPUI, you will reach for your Jagtag for almost everything you do!

Campus Card Services – Home of the Jagtag
Campus Center, Suite #217
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00pm - Check website for weekly extended hours.

Please contact our office at (317) 274-5177 for further information or visit, www.jagtag.iupui.edu.