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University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University develops and maintains a modern information technology environment throughout the university in support of IU's vision for excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and lifelong learning.

UITS provides tools and services to support the academic and administrative work of the university, including a high-speed campus network with wireless access, central web hosting, a rich selection of free and low-cost software for personal use, tools and support for instruction and research, and supercomputers for data analysis and visualization.

The Support Center

The UITS Support Center provides 24x7 IT support for all faculty, staff, and students of Indiana University.  The Support Center provides assistance with desktop and mobile devices, email, accounts, network services, and software applications.  Support is available via telephone, (317) 274-4357, email (ithelp@iu.edu), live chat (http://ithelplive.iu.edu), and by walk-in.  The walk-in service is located in the ICTC building, room 129, and is available Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.  Online self-support can be found via the UITS Knowledge Base (http://kb.iu.edu), or by visiting the UITS website, http://uits.iu.edu.

Student Outreach

UITS Student Outreach promotes the latest technology available to students via information tables, special events, classroom presentations and visits with student organizations. Contact the UITS Student Outreach team by email at it4u@iu.edu.

Student Technology Centers and Consulting

Student Technology Centers (STCs) are located in several buildings on campus.

Individual study areas and collaborative spaces for group work are available in addition to Wi-Fi and power for those who prefer to bring their own devices. All STCs are equipped with either Windows or Macintosh workstations and many offer thin-client access to IUanyWare applications as well as easy access to printing.  Many locations are staffed with consultants, including a 24-hour STC in the ICTC. For more information about the Student Technology Centers and consulting, visit http://uits.iu.edu/page/ahbs.

IT Training

Each semester, UITS IT Training offers hands-on workshops in the classroom and online on topics such as Microsoft Office and Adobe applications, word processing, email, graphic design, desktop publishing, databases, spreadsheets, web development, programming, statistics and more. These noncredit workshops are free for students and provide beginning and in-depth instruction on subjects of special interest and importance to students in their academic work. Earn a certificate by taking a series of related workshops that will help grow skills in‑depth. Free access is available to lynda.com’s award-winning video‑based courses on more than 2,000 technology topics (http://lynda.iu.edu). IT Training’s free workshop materials and exercise files can be downloaded from http://ittraining.iu.edu/downloads. Read descriptions and register online at ittraining.iu.edu or download a printable schedule at http://ittraining.iu.edu/schedules.  Contact IT Training at (317) 274-7383 or by e-mail at ittraining@iu.edu.

Student Network ID and ADS Domain Account

The Network ID gives students access to the computer systems maintained by UITS at IUPUI. With a Network ID, students can create various computer accounts, change the passwords for their accounts, choose their preferred email address (the address that corresponds to the account where they want to receive their messages), and more. With a Network ID, students can log into Student Technology Center computers, as well as use Oncourse, IU’s online course environment (oncourse.iu.edu).
Students who do not have a Network ID should see the IU Accounts Management Service page at itaccounts.iu.edu. On the first screen, select the options “Student” and “Create my first IU computing accounts and passwords.” From there, the student will be asked to review and agree with the guidelines for appropriate use of IU accounts. Students will then identify themselves with their last name, birth date, and the last four digits of their IU student ID number. To receive a student ID number, students should contact the Office of the Registrar in the Campus Center. For other information about the Network ID, students should call the UITS Support Center at (317) 274-HELP (4357).

IUware and License Agreement Software

IU maintains a number of university-wide software license agreements with a variety of vendors in order to provide a wide-range of multi-discipline software titles.  Examples include the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and Adobe Creative Suite (Acrobat, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.).  A large variety of other tools are also available to students at no charge via download.  For a complete listing of the products available and how to get them, visit IUware at http://iuware.iu.edu

There are several ways to access these software resources at IU:

  • IUware serves as a general directory and provides a convenient way for students to download and install essential software tools onto their personal computers.  
  • IUanyWare utilizes virtualization technology to provide many of the titles available on IUware (and a number of discipline-specific titles) and deliver them directly to your personal computer, tablet or cell phone.  (For more information see http://kb.iu.edu/data/bbbu.html.) 
  • Student Technology Centers are equipped to deliver both locally installed applications and virtual applications via IUanyWare.  For a list of available titles, see https://stcweb.stc.indiana.edu/Public/Software/Current.cfm
  • The IUPUI Bookstore (the Campus Center location) offers Windows, Office, and assorted Adobe applications for sale on DVD at extremely low prices. 

For more information about IUanyWare and IUware visit IUware.iu.edu.