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Certification of full, half or less than half-time enrollment status for loan deferment, medical insurance, etc. is based on hours of enrollment in a term (Fall, Spring, Summer).  Listed below are the requirements that constitute full-time student status for official enrollment certification purposes by the Office of the Registrar and for financial assistance.

Full time enrollment as defined below, is often required in order for students to be covered for health/medical insurance or to defer repayment of student loans. For example, a dependent student may be covered under their parent's medical insurance plan as long as that student remains enrolled as a full time student. If that student were to drop below full time status, they may not be covered. This should be considered when dropping from full time to half/part time status.

Fall, Spring, Summer Term Enrollment Status Requirements


Full time

Half time

Less than Half time

* Undergraduate

12 hrs.

6 hrs.

1-5 hrs.

Graduate & Professional

8 hrs.

4 hrs.

1-3 hrs.

For certain graduate students, typically those doing dissertation work, the number of credits to be considered full-time may be lower.  The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining standards for full and half time enrollment and if an exception to those standards may be made. Questions regarding exceptions for academic purposes should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.  Questions regarding exceptions for financial aid purposes should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services.

* For Undergraduates, 12 is full-time but 15 is ON TIME!
Note that full time enrollment for official certification and financial aid purposes noted above is different than full time enrollment for purposes of completing an undergraduate degree in four years (eight semesters).  A student who is working on an undergraduate degree that requires at least 120 credit hours for completion of requirements should expect to complete 15 or 16 credit (unit) hours during regular semesters in order to complete degree requirements in eight semesters. See your adviser for more specific information regarding academic full-time credit (unit) hour recommendations for your program.

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