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Any student who has been dismissed from an IUPUI school or its equivalent on another IU campus (or Purdue campus for students in the Schools of Science and Engineering and Technology) must petition for readmission. Some schools also require students dismissed from other institutions to petition for admission. Each petition is considered individually, and a decision is made based on the student’s academic history and personal circumstances. Students must explain why they were dismissed and how they expect to deal with potential problems. A Petition for Readmission form may be obtained in school offices.

Schools will notify students of their readmission status. Students may be approved for readmission, approved for a conditional readmission (e.g., for part-time but not full-time study), or denied readmission.

Students who have been dismissed but can show compelling evidence that they have corrected the problem may be allowed to return to school without delay. Petitioning for readmission between the fall and spring semesters may not be possible, however, if the school requires that the petition goes to a faculty committee. Check with the recorder of individual schools to determine the school’s policy.